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Our History

     On April 23, 1963, a group of young women formed a very special union here at Northern Illinios University. Although, not granted formal recognition until June 1, 1964, Sigma Lambda Sigma was born. Upholding the ideals of service, leadership, and sisterhood our members have made a mark not only on campus, but in the surrounding community.


     Over time our founding principles have come to mean more to us than just some fine qualities for a group of girls to have; rather, they have changed the way in which we view each other and our community as a whole. For that we are proud to say that our group is not only an organization, but a sisterhood. It is through the growth of these bonds that we have come to understand the importance of giving back. Through taking initiative, both on and off campus, we have been able to help a wide variety of individuals and organizations. 


     'I am only a drop make me a fountain.' That is, I have love for my fellow man, make me a sister, that I may learn to lead and enlarge my capacities to serve. Our motto is what motivates our sisters to strive for leadership positions both within and outside of Sigma Lambda Sigma. Without dedication and a willingness to grow, our sorority would not be where it is today. For, it takes a special kind of individual to keep the principles of Sigma Lambda Sigma alive and well.


    Sisterhood also brings us to our colors, blue and gray. With blue representing the happy times and gray representing the bad times of our sorority, we can always count on our sisters to be there. While not by blood, we are sisters; through our ideals of service, leadership and sisterhood we have created bonds stronger than any other.



About Us


Our Purpose: To assemble university women in the fellowship of sisterhood for promoting services to our university, community, nation, and our fellow men.


Our Motto: "I am only a drop, make me a fountain." - Amado Nervo


Our Symbol: Teardrop


Our Flower: Iris


Our Colors: Blue and Gray


Our Founder: Margaret Hedge

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